Best Time to Buy a House in South Africa

Finding out when the best time to buy a house may be a lot easier than you might expect. Usually, people in South Africa are prone to buying houses during spring time but statistics show that re-thinking seasons may yield different results in the long run. Related: How to find good … [Read More...]

Your 5 Step Checklist for Buying a House

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How to Find Good Repossessed Properties

The holder of the property might not make the key or interest payments and possession of the home is with the mortgage investor. Foreclosed or repossessed houses are known as Real Estate Owned or REO. Currently, there has been tremendous growth in the foreclosure market. Demand for … [Read More...]

Cape Town’s Repossessed Property Market

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7 Tips to Renovating a Repossessed House

When you purchase a repossessed house, it can be assumed that some kind of renovation and repairs will have to take place before the property is in a good living or selling condition. Remember that the house was repossessed because of the previous owner’s debt – this means that they … [Read More...]

What is a Sale in Execution?

If you are trying to get a home loan to buy a property, or if you already have one, you should find out the answer to the question ‘what is a sale in execution?’ As an individual who has debt on their name, it is important to understand the processes and consequences that take place when a … [Read More...]